About Cryptonomous

Cryptonomous was born from the concept that there was a need for an alternative to the current economic system and status quo.
After diving deep into Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology we identified a lack of knowledge and understanding by many investors who wanted to get started in the space.

Our passion is to provide world class hands-on coaching to guide people to financial freedom and autonomy.
We have helped many people trade crypto and precious metals securely as well as providing some incredible returns.
Our unique research strategy focused on financial autonomy and privacy technology will give you the edge to navigate to financial freedom.
We also assist you to invest in precious metals as an inflation hedging tool and provide unique strategies to do so.

Ultimately, here at Crytponomous our aim is to not only give you the insights to optimize your portfolio but also teach you the reason why our philosophy has the power to change the world. We will be your trusted partner to cut through the noise and keep your assets private and secure during The Great Reset.

George Papp

Founder of Cryptonomous


George spent most of his early career in Investment Banking in London at HSBC, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank. Having started to question the current financial system and seeking alternative solutions, he began to learn more about the Cryptocurrency space in

After diving deeper and making several 100x investments, he decided to migrate to
the alternative investing space full time. He has since helped many newbie and experienced investors not only make incredible returns but help them understand the philosophy behind his strategy and gaining financial sovereignty away from the current economic system.


corey has awakened to the fact that governments are not our friends and is actively working to increase his freedom from the systems that hold us back and limit our potential. He is our in-house crypto trader who has found financial freedom, a free-thinker, entrepreneur and corey really likes mangos.

Brian Pellegrini

Brian founded Intertemporal Economics in 2018 after seven years working as a Senior
Analyst at Connolly Insight, a boutique global macro consulting firm. Brian provides
a rigorous alternative to the “orthodox” economic worldview by applying an in-depth
investigative approach to analyzing economies and markets. Prior to Connolly Insight,
Brian gained experience in positions across Wall Street, including working with
high-growth technology firms raising capital, structuring options trades, and valuing
asset-backed securities. Brian holds an MBA from Columbia University, an M.S. in
Finance from Northeastern University and a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia
University; he is also a CFA charter holder.


Tech-NO is an online alias dedicated to encourage deep conversations about human
coexistence with artificial intelligence and robots in the future. Tech-NO does not
advocate for the absence of technology but for a future of decentralized computing
power and open source software. He studied Electrical and Computer Engineering
with over a decade of experience spanning everything from chip design, data center
technology, embedded computing, client computing, operating systems and software
development. After awakening to the fact that he was building the system that would
imprison the future of humanity, he left his job to find a better alternative and reclaim his

Monetary freedom, like all other economic freedoms, clears the way for energy, intellect and virtue… Political control weakens individual self-reliance and energy, causes want and poverty and, in the end, breeds tyranny and oppression.

Hans F. Sennholz

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