1 to 1 Crypto and Alternative Investment coaching

  • Independent Crypto Insider – Are you overwhelmed and lack trust with all the noise in crypto?
  • Personalized – Do you need expert advice and 1 to 1 guidance?
Then our coaching is perfect for you! You will have all the tools and strategies needed to become a confident investor and optimize your investment returns with a personalized asset plan.

About the Coaching

Our consultations will give you expert advice on all aspects of crypto and alternative investment strategies. You will have a dedicated experienced coach hold your hand from learning about how to purchase your first crypto to building a bespoke digital asset plan you will be confident with. With some of our investment choices reaching 5, 10 and even 100x gains and the knowledge gathered with inside tips from the industry, you will be way ahead of the crowd!

Topics covered

but not limited to...

  • Building your portfolio
  • Crypto and alternative investment philosophy
  • Buying/Selling Cryptocurrency & Exchanges
  • Storing and transferring coins safely and securely
  • DeFi- Learn cash flow strategies to earn passive income on your Crypto holdings
  • Backing up your Crypto assets
  • Tracking latest news
  • NFTs
  • Tax
  • Business/Job opportunities in Crypto/Blockchain
  • Investment strategies in Precious metals
  • Stock investment opportunities

Your Coach


Founder of Cryptonomous

George spent most of his early career in Investment Banking in London at HSBC, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank. Having started to question the current financial system and seeking alternative solutions, he began to learn more about the Cryptocurrency space in

After diving deeper and making several 100x investments, he decided to migrate to
Cryptocurrency full time. He has since helped many newbie and experienced investors not only make incredible returns but help them understand the philosophy behind crypto and gaining financial sovereignty away from the current economic system.


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